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Baseball Schedules

Spring 2021

Softball Schedules

Spring 2021


Spring 2021

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Norman High Camp of Champions | June 14 - 17

Norman North All-Star Camp | June 7th - 11th


2021 Baseball/Softball league and tournament rules.

Spring 2021 Tournament Dates

See our Spring 2021 tournament schedule, posted on our tournament page. 

Updated Fields, Updated Field Numbers

Griffin and Reaves Parks playing fields have undergone some serious updates. 

We have renumbered the fields in both parks. See the new field map here.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be at each Reaves and Griffin concessions stands. Items not claimed will be donated to the league at the end of the season.

Spring 2021 Tournament Rule Updates

Tournaments Only

  • TD Reserves the right to remove any team from tournament registration.
  • Balks strictly enforced in all pitch ages.
  • Teams can bat 9, 10 or Continuous batting order in all age groups.
  • $100 cash non refundable protest fee in tournaments. Director on duty and/or UIC will rule on protest. Games can finish under protest at TD's discretion.
  • Pool play games can end in a tie

Tie Breakers in Bracket Play

Bracket play games that end in a tie at the end of regulation will be finished using modified international tie breaker rules - 

  • Top of a new inning begins with visiting team placing their last recorded out on 2nd base as a base runner.
  • Visiting team begins with 1 out.
  • When 3 outs or max run limit for that age is reached, home team bats to finish the extra inning.
  • Bottom of a new inning begins with home team placing their last recorded out on 2nd base as a base runner.
  • Home team begins with 1 out.
  • If the home team goes ahead by 1 run, the game ends.
  • If 3 outs are recorded and the score is still tied, start a new inning using tie breaker rules (see bullet point 1)
  • Continue until one team wins.

Spring 2021 Baseball & Softball Registration is Closed

If you missed the registration deadline this Spring, be sure to look out for Fall registration in May/June.

For questions regarding the Spring 2021 season, please email